Diversify your income: All my ideas for making money online

You needed more income streams yesterday.

“Many small streams will form a big river.” — Swedish proverb

Information Products

Create a course.

  • Take other people’s courses to get inspiration for things like formatting and making sure your content is better than others.
  • Start with the content first. Open a G-Doc, and start outlining your course. Don’t worry about technology until you have your content down.
  • Launch your course before you finish. This will put a fire under your ass to get it done.
  • To make a course successful, you’ll need an audience and/or marketing chops to drive people to it.
  • Learn how to make a killer landing page that evokes emotion in people and drives them to buy. You can see my course landing page as an example.
  • Research course ideas on Udemy, Gumroad Discover and Product Hunt

Create an ebook.

  • Get inspired. Search Gumroad Discover and Amazon Kindle Store to see what’s popular or where there’s a gap in the market.
  • Write about what you know. You can quickly learn too and become an expert on a topic. Research and conduct interviews with experts.
  • Have someone else (preferably multiple people) read it before you launch it.


Create a Slack community.

  • Use SlackPass to create a paid community.
  • Get ideas for Slack communities by reviewing what’s already out there and popular.
  • Have a plan ahead of time. Figure out how to onboard users and have a plan for engagement because if users are paying they are going to expect value.
  • Consider making your Slack group exclusive, meaning only allowing in high-potential/value members.
  • Charge monthly or annually.
  • Consider not charging your early adopters to ensure the Slack group is providing value. This will prevent refunds, which are a pain.
  • Consider hosting Ask Me Anything (AMAs) with influencers in your niche.
  • Create a community policy about what this group is for, how members should behave, etc. What will get people kicked out? Who is your ideal member?

Create a network.

Create or curate premium content.


Repurpose templates.

  • Search Gumroad for “templates” to get ideas.
  • Search Product Hunt for “template” to get ideas.
  • Do you have any strategies or templates lying around? Then clean it up and package it nicely so you can sell it.
  • Make multiple file types.
  • Launch it on Product Hunt to get traction and sales.
  • Try to get on AppSumo, Stack Social and Mighty Deals to get more sales and traction.
  • Distribute on Gumroad so you get added traction.
  • Create templates for popular technology providers, like HubSpot, LeadPages, Shopify and Mailchimp.

Create bundles.

  • Launch it on Product Hunt to get traction and sales.
  • Try to get on AppSumo, Stack Social and Mighty Deals to get more sales and traction.
  • Distribute on Gumroad so you get added traction.
  • Search Gumroad for “bundles” to get ideas.
  • Search Product Hunt for “bundles” to get ideas.
  • Create a bundle for beginners in a new industry or setting that can be difficult to navigate at first. For example, what bundle would new freelancers need to get started? What information would pose helpful to them?
  • If you don’t want to make recurring revenue or you don’t have an audience to launch to, then consider selling your bundle to a company that would want it to give away as marquee content to its customers. For example, InVision created these UI bundles to give away to visitors for free.

Sell your photos.

  • If you’re in college, take a photojournalism class to learn the art of taking a good photo.
  • Rent a nice, DSLR camera from a friend or local university.
  • If you’re not in school, find a good course on photography.
  • Try to sell your Instagram-esque photos to companies. Tell them this is better than using stock photo sites that everyone and their competitors utilize.
  • Sell your smartphone photos.

Sell your notes.

Buy and sell domain names.

  • Look for recently expired, high-traffic (pagerank) domains.
  • Buy exact match domain names, such as business names that don’t have websites.
  • Generate ideas by inputting popular keywords for new niches in Agile Domain Search.


Create a WordPress Plugin.

Program scripts.


  • Make a website that looks better than all the crappy, online dog stores that currently populate the front page of Google.

Create an ecommerce store.

Create a job board.

  • Find a niche, like Dribbble did for designers or Inbound.org did for marketers, to focus on.
  • Syndicate your job posts to ZipRecruiter and/or Workable to get more eyeballs on them.

Create an agency.


Become an influencer.

Create affiliate accounts.

  • Think about the offerings you use religiously. Check if it has a referral/affiliate program, and make sure to sign-up for your own unique URL. Once you have that unique URL, share it like crazy.
  • You can share your links on a “resources” page on your site, like Smart Passive Income and Problogger.
  • You can include links, when relevant, in your blog posts and emails as well.
  • Make a super niche website then sprinkle affiliate ads throughout it.
  • Ask for an affiliate code if a company doesn’t have a program listed on its website.

Write native ads.

Provide support.

Write for blogs.

Go ahead; steal my ideas.



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